Movie Restoration Services

Movie restoration has become one of the major concerns of libraries and production companies, since the ageing of the movie reduces its quality and sometimes degrades it completely. April Empire provides the vital process for the
restoration of analogue to digital and back to analogue if needed. At April Empire, we believe that the best way to enhance the current state of a film or movie is to make the movie/film a digital movie. We digitally scanned movie
into a single master file and then all the necessary digital restoration technology is employed. We record the restored film onto a digital video or any future formats including Internet. Our film restoration services brings back the quality of the original images from the past, eliminating film scratches, dust busting, tears etc. At April Empire, we
follow a customized work flow tailored for fast and efficient processes. Our film restoration process begins at the lab where the negatives are cleaned and scanned. We obtain and maintain maximum quality from end to end.

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