About Us

April Empire is a full service movie production, marketing and distribution company offering start to finish high
definition movie production, marketing and distribution. We have created varieties of programs for an
extraordinary diverse clientele including major corporations, non-profit organizations and public relations agencies.
April Empire specializes in documentary programmes, movie production, marketing, distribution and as well as
TV commercials. We have an extensive experience with programming for business-to- business communications,
development, marketing, corporate image programming as well Television productions. We believe in our creative
insight and ability to deliver in partnership with our clients creative ideas and content that speaks and connects with
our clients target audience. April Empire is a one stop shop production, distribution
and marketing house equipped with the latest production and distribution technology and know-how to effectively
deliver feature documentaries, television series, movie production, corporate videos, and television commercials
at a very competitive edge. Our primary focus is movie production, movie marketing
and distribution as well television commercials. We also have an ongoing passion for production development. On
like many other movie production companies, our faculties and experienced span both live action film
making and frame animation. In addition to TV Productions, TV Commercials and
documentaries, April Empire buys and distributes innovative Nigerian movies. We have quickly emerged as
one of the industry’s most prolific financing, production, sales and Distribution Company with the capacity to
develop, package, finance, produce, sell and distribute a broad array of movies. Our movie distribution businesses
are wide ranging. Our competitive edge is our ability to produce high quality, low production cost, meaningful
movies and distribute them nationwide with low marketing budget, creating a synergy independents “
quality and studios finesse. We are dynamic; we have created many high profile productions and have continued to be a strong provider of post production services to companies and studios within the country.